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SQAS Assessment


It was on the 20th and 21st of Sept. 2006 that KTL GmbH as the first European Terminal of intermodal transport rail/road had a SQAS-Assessment procedure effected, according to the new catalogue of questions of the CEFIC “Transport Services” and carried through by Mr Peter Wirth (green duck GmbH, Grevenbroich), accredited assessor of the CEFIC.

KTL GmbH had taken the decision to submit to the SQAS-Assessment as they offer a large scope of services to the chemical industry and to their services enterprises (freight forwarders, multimodal operators, carriers). In particular, there are to be named:

  • Handling road/rail with temporary storage/siding at terminal
  • Storage of containers with hazardous and other goods
  • Road forward and on-carriage of intermodal transport with a private fleet of vehicles
  • Services for multimodal operators and rail transport enterprises

The share of hazardous goods of these services account for approx. 40%.

The outcome of the assessment revealed that 88% of the answers out of a catalogue of more than 400 questions were positive – a successful result. The remaining questions are to be answered positively as well by means of a plan of action to be effected soon. It is with this SQAS- assessment that KTL wants to ensure the organisation and availability of safe and high quality services for their customers.

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